To Everything There Is A Season

Welcome back, sunshine!

As the days lengthen in the new year, we are leaving behind the darkness of winter solstice. At this time, we have an incredible chance to reclaim this light and energy in new ways. What will you do with all the new hours of the day? Old patterns may be left behind—if we are willing and able to get clear about exactly what we want, what we need, and how to make necessary changes.

When it comes to intentions & resolutions, less is more. When you focus your attention, your motivation and ability to accomplish change is amplified. To take best advantage of this time of new beginning, choose one intention and commit to action.

We invite you to speak these affirmations aloud to yourself, as often as necessary, to support you as you embark on your next solar cycle and all the changes it will bring.

We are ready to be unready.

We are worthy of all things.

We surrender to our own Beauty.

We honor our bodies and our Soul’s call.

We offer our lives as a Prayer.

We are here to Heal.

We are here to Dance.

We are here to Listen.

We are Here.

We are Her.

May this new year bring warmth and rain, peace and spiritual overcoming of obstacles, soul reclaiming and new growth, ease and excitement, grace and healing, expansion and depth, quiet and wild bliss. To deepen into these blessings, we invite you to join us for a weekend gathering of ritual magic in the presence of the Serpent.

Beneath the light of the sacred blue moon that we are now entering, we will gather to learn about holding sacred space. We will learn to ground and clear ourselves, becoming aware of the energies around us.  With the guidance of our Serpent allies we will bring these lessons into our own lives on a new level.

Space is open now to reserve your spot for Serpent’s Path: Senda de la Serpiente. Please email us or connect with us on Facebook to find out more.

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