To Dream of Serpents

One of the serpent’s favorite ways to communicate their powerful medicine is through the visionary realms of dreamtime…

When a snake chooses to enter one’s consciousness in this way, it is a powerful messenger with wisdom to share. In our dream state, we are often more receptive to the subtleties and whispers of our serpent guides as we are speaking their language here; more aware of the subconscious mind and our instinctual, intuitive nature.

Photo by Amanda Sage

Serpents themselves are inherently psychic creatures attuned to extrasensory information. Their physical anatomy has a highly developed organ at the top of their heads, called the pineal (or parietal) eye—many times the size of the human pineal gland. In some species of snake, this is even highlighted by colorful scale markings and patterns. It is no wonder that they are adept at navigating the astral plane!

As a dream symbol, snakes can represent power, transformation, impending changes, sexuality, healing, enlightenment, discovery, wisdom, and the embodiment of what we fear. It is usually an impactful experience when Snake comes to us in a vision. Though snakes dwell in the subtle frequencies, they make a big statement whenever they appear. Serpents are intimately connected with DNA, the key to our subconscious mind and unlocking potent healing available when we choose to reprogram our outdated belief systems and activate that which has lain dormant. Sometimes, dreaming of a snake can be the first contact of a forthcoming Kundalini awakening or a very powerful psychic experience.

Within the Sanctum, it is common for snakes to appear in our visions, particularly preceding an event or gathering—and the snakes of the Sanctum are known to be quite active dream-visitors! It is also a common experience for those who interact with the serpents to feel an astral imprint afterwards, as if they still have snakes on their body or even moving and dancing inside them. This is another way these powerful beings can attune us to the unseen world and our subtle energy bodies.

Has a serpent slithered into your imaginal realms lately?

To gain a better understanding of what message is being relayed, offer Serpent the gift of your presence; fully occupying the space of this moment. This is an opportunity to choose curiosity—What is being presented to you here? Is it an offering? An awakening? A call to your power?

One powerful tool we can claim in dream or journeywork is to ask questions of the allies that appear to us. After waking from a dream, stay with the energies that have been stirred up and bring them into a meditation. With your intent and focus, call forth the images from your dream. Call upon everything that you can remember about it: the feelings, thoughts, colors, etc. You may also wish to call in your spiritual guidance team and higher self to help facilitate the conversation. Then, you may approach these energies and images from the dreamtime with your questions and dialogue. It can be especially helpful to have a dream journal to record the resulting information that comes through. Give thanks to the guides and dream world when you are complete, and close the space.

When approached with respect & reverence, serpents are abundantly generous guides of the worlds beyond the veil and the liminal spaces in this world. We invite a greater dialogue with life when we can accept the guides who come to us, and it is an honor and blessing to be touched by the serpent.  

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