Stepping into Sacred Union

We move deeper into the Autumn season, the time of year where we shed and let go of old stories and skins. At this time of year, it’s easier to tune into spaces of grief and places where we are needing to release. The cry of the collective consciousness has become loud and clear: the imbalance of power on this planet will no longer be tolerated. The healing is happening here and now.

The ancient alchemists and magical practitioners knew that to truly unite the forces of duality was to undergo a healing of the inner world. These energies are not bound by bodies, genders, or even the identity of being human, but rather exist in all things as polarities and divine compliments. One cannot exist without the other. And as such, balancing the polarity requires a perspective that takes into account the holistic nature of reality. Anything showing up in the external world as a ‘wound’ or imbalance has roots within the inner world. The adept must face the truth of what exists within their own heart in order to heal it.
When the full initiation of Sacred Union of masculine and feminine energy had taken place within, the practitioner could then wield the full power of Creation in their external world.
As within, so without.

It’s common to talk about the ‘Toxic Masculine’ and ‘Wounded Feminine’ as two separate but similar archetypes, yet they are born of the same wound: the disconnection that in turn creates misuse of power. They are also healed by the same medicine: compassion.
One of the ways we can collectively take on the necessary healing work to balance these energies is by gathering in circle. We each show up to circle with our unique stories and gifts to contribute, as well as places that need love.
The circle is a container that allows for equanimity and healthy dispersal of power. It is a space where we gather to share our deep truths and receive the support of community. We do not heal in a vacuum. And there are some things that can
only be healed in the container of a circle–it is a sacred space where the collective nature of our humanity can be held in an undeniable way. When we recognize that our pain as humans is all the same pain, regardless of unique story, we can heal these collective wounds. 

Within Serpent Sanctum, we do practices to help restore an inner and outer balance of masculine and feminine energies. Some of these practices are rooted in lineage, but others come from the snakes themselves. Our serpent allies masterfully guide the balance of internal energies, and offer themselves as beacons for the places within that need to transform. The Sanctum has facilitated women’s circles in the realm of priestess practices, such as the Red Tent, as well as gender alchemy circles open to all. 

Interested to experience the healing of an alchemical circle?
We are pleased to announce the second installment of our Serpent Moon retreat this November. Once again in partnership with Aya Iwasaki, we will explore practices to deepen sacred sexuality, movement, and serpent medicine. 
This circle is open to people of all genders! For more information, or to apply to join us please visit here.

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