Serpent Moon

Serpent Sanctum has always carried a mission of offering the healing medicine of Serpent Energy to women everywhere, supporting divine sisterhood, feminine leadership, and creative empowerment. We are delighted and honored to be dancing forward into the activation of this vision, joining Aya Iwasaki, of AyaPapaya and facilitator of Ancient Voices and Prayers of the Womb retreats in the birthing of a new offering for women.

Imagine . . . waking up in the mountains and breathing in the crisp air, surrounded by a sisterhood dedicated to healing the womb and reawakening ancient feminine practices including deep embodiment and dancing with live serpents . . .

Photo by Mollie Hull of Seen Imagery

Our Sourceress Rose Mary, president and founder of Serpent Sanctum, and Aya Iwasaki have in invitation for you:

“I started deepening in my relationship with the serpent after meeting this gorgeous woman, Rose Mary.
I remember sitting with her and asking her about serpent medicine . . .
She spoke of embodied feminine sexuality, and lessons in shedding old skin . . .
She taught me that the serpent sheds it’s skin once a month, the same way that women bleed . . . and often women who caretake for a serpent starts to cycle together shedding and bleeding on the same days of the month . . .”

“Since that day I’ve experienced these lessons in my body every time I spend time with the serpents.
They are master somatic movers, undulating and isolating every muscle in their body in every direction.
When they are on me I feel that they are not only moving on me but moving my body as well . . .
So grateful for this one and all that I continue to learn from her, and we will be sharing our combined offerings at the Serpent Moon Retreat.”



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