Serpent Medicine: Sacred Opposites

Healer and dealer of death. Guide in transformation and symbol of the eternal cycles of life.  Temptation and enlightnement. Stillness and mobility. It’s easy to become confused by the many and sometimes conflicting aspects of serpent symbolism.

While some see these complex meanings as lack of clarity or mixed messaging, there is a way to dream these conflicting elements into wholeness. The truth is that Truth is complex and multifaceted. There is a deep wisdom in this understanding. These confusing, apparent opposites in fact represent the ultimate teaching of Serpent Medicine—the fundamental realization of the non-dual nature of the world, the realization that We Are One.

The gift of the serpent is to be able to understand opposing forces as simply two faces of the same coin, different voices singing harmonious parts within the divine chorus, multiple truths creating only a small part of the greater Reality we all share. Oneness does not mean similarity or identicality—rather, it offers understanding of the interconnectedness and relatedness of all things. There is a deep wisdom in this understanding.

This month, we have been working with the sometimes opposing forces of movement and music, growth and loss, and creating some exciting new things in collaboration with our artistic family. Below is a collaboration with Liquid Love Drops, an amazing artist and producer of the Serpent’s Lair events. We hope you enjoy this healing prayer to the ancient deities, vocalized by Amrita from the Serpent Sanctum, and join us in the Serpent Sanctum sssssometime soon.

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