Lunar New Year + Eclipse Wisdom

There are some moments that carry great weight throughout the fabric of time-space. When potent bodies align, new energy is easily available to be transmuted, reconfiguration occurs, and portals open for new acts of creation. These spaces invite us in—sometimes sweetly, other times through states of desperate necessity—but always with an invitation into greater awareness and empowerment, if we accept it.

This week brings about one such portal; a New Moon occurring in the same 24 hours as a partial Solar Eclipse, both aligning with the Lunar New Year celebration. This week, we have to chance to welcome profound new beginnings, coinciding with a great cycle coming to its completion.

The Gaelic people of Europe celebrated Lunar Imbolc, the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, to honor the first stirrings of the new year. Imbolc is consecrated to Brigid, goddess of fertility and the rites of springtime. Halfway across the world, several Asian countries also use a lunar-based calendar, and for them as well this time is sacred and celebrated as the turn of the year and the heralding of Spring. The most well-known of these lunar new year celebrations is Chinese New Year. Filled with colors, grand displays of fireworks, dancing, feasting, and ritual, this tradition is ancient. It lasts multiple days, with the intention of honoring  ancestors, the elements of nature, and various deities.

This week’s partial solar eclipse, presiding over 27º Aquarius, is described as the mirror counterpart to the powerful, highly publicized total solar eclipse we experienced in the United States last August. This time represents a completion energy to encourage us to wrap up and move on, integrating all that was revealed and brought to the surface at that time. Eclipses provide the opportunity to quantum leap through an accelerated moon cycle, or process of transformation, by connecting to the archetypes of the heavens and working with the energies present.

Aquarius is currently our Kehu, or South Node ruler and Leo is in the North Node position.
The South Node is our past: past lives (including those from this current lifetime), old skins, outdated perceptions, things that are ready to be transformed. An eclipse conjunct the South Node gives us the opportunity to release what it is timely to shed.

As we arrive here, in the thick space of simultaneous endings and beginnings, the energy invites us to slow down. Guided by the presiding archetypes of revolution, innovation, vision (Aquarius) and sovereignty, expression, and radiance (Leo), the road will unfold with each step traveled upon it.

In times like these where we are truly on the pulse of creation’s ever-unfurling cycles, we create the potency of our reality shifts. The shedding of the old can be as beautiful as we allow it to be. To support this shedding, give yourself (and others!) space and time to soak in the wisdom gathered, to slowly peel away the old shapes, and to slip sweetly into soft new places. The vulnerability of the space in between can become a flame of courage.

What a gift it is to be aware!

BlesSssings to you on this lunar portal…

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