Keepers of the Medicine of the Serpent

We are the protectors, the guardians, the chosen

Entrusted with the sacred codes

Illuminating the shadow and soothing the fear

Translating tongues to bring forth truth


Consciousness is what they ask of us

The gift of the present

Liberation of alignment to source

As waves undulate up our spines


They are the teachers, the masters, the guides

Encoded with the highest good

Allowing us to heal ourselves

Balancing duality and coming to source


Stillness is what they ask of us

The void of great mystery

Transmutation of what no longer serves

As layers of our beings are shed


We are the servants, the priestesses, the ones

Enamored of their radiant wisdom

We are the keepers of the medicine of the serpent

Here to bring us closer to prophecy divine

As the moon glows full tonight with brightness and grace, we too have been guided to shine light on a subject in need of illumination. We come before you with humble transparency to share our experience working with these sacred beings in sisterhood. Welcome to our Sanctum.

Serpent Sanctum is a non-profit organization of women in service, dedicated to keeping the medicine of the snake and supporting them to share their healing powers. Their most important teaching, received directly from the spirit of the serpent, is that this work should never be used for personal gain of any kind—it is a gift to humanity. This is an oath we take very seriously, and for good reason. When we align in service in the highest way, the abundance we can receive far surpasses any dollar amount we could take directly from our work. This teaching can help us master the root chakra, from which arises our sense of security and abundance. We personally attest to the power of this teaching and the unimaginable blessings that have been brought to life by aligning with this serpent medicine path.

The funds we receive for our medicine work and sacred dance rituals with the serpents help rehabilitate and re-home snakes that were unwanted, mistreated, or misunderstood before finding a loving place in our circle. All of our serpents come to us as ‘rescues’ (or are born of ‘rescues’ in the Sanctum). Funds are also gifted to empower the women of the Sanctum to develop and refine their healing practices to better serve our community. Serpent Sanctum has also donated to an array of causes we believe align with our mission, including The Artemis Project, Standing Rock Water Protectors, Full Moon Birth Center, and music artists who bring the sacred medicine into the world. Money donated to us for our services allows us to hold this vision for the future of our organization and empowers us to bring this work to more distant communities.

The spirits of the Serpent medicine teach us that personal gain goes beyond monetary wealth to include intangible forces such as attention, fame, and boosting of the ego. This is why we work to envision our sacred dance as a gift and an offering to the audience—a gift that comes directly from the spirit of the serpents, while we are merely a vessel to allow their movement medicine to channel. This requires consistent practice and constant mindfulness, as part of the snake’s medicine is temptation. Their sensual nature can very easily allow the dancer or handler to be swept up by state of receiving—receiving energy from those witnessing, praise, attention, or even feelings of lust or envy. Yet it is NOT the dancer who generates this energy. The serpents teach us that everything they give is a gift and is for everyone to receive. Becoming a clear mirror is always a challenge, and we are in no way perfect, but we strive to embody the teachings they bring us. It is important to us to always reflect back the pureness of love and truth, so that we may best stand as guardians of the Serpent and its medicine.

The serpents that we care for so dearly are our first priority whenever we are facilitating their medicine in any form. It is always the Snake’s choice if they wish to share their medicine and if they give us any indication that they are not comfortable sharing their healing touch or dance, it is our honor to respect them in this way and keep them safe and well.

Although we participate in sacred dance rituals with our serpents, we strongly believe that no animal is a prop and should never be used as such. Our serpents are our dance partners. They guide us in the way that feels good for them to be moving and sharing their medicine. Their basic needs and safety are always at the forefront of our consciousness when bringing them into any environment including tending to proper heat, humidity, and levels of vibration. We are also sure to keep them out of harm’s way, making sure people who interact with them are coherent, capable of interacting safely, and refrain from using essential oils.

The women of Serpent Sanctum are all experienced snake owners of many years and experienced handlers, well versed in our Serpents’ physical needs as well as their energetic wellbeing. With the initiation into this work comes a deep connection with the serpents, allowing us to adjust any situation that is uncomfortable or frightening for our beloveds with a direct line of communication. It is also our passion to educate others on proper care, handling, and communication as well as the deeper teachings they bring us and the rich symbolism that exists across the world that we can learn from.

The initiation to carry this medicine is not easy, like that of any sacred medicine it takes time, devotion, tests, challenges, and a deep trust in the sacred process. This deep initiation is not one that can come from any person or group—the medicine must choose you.  To keep this particular medicine, the snake is the only one that can initiate you and bless your path. All women of the Sanctum have been initiated to carry this medicine, and each has a personal story that is equally magical and amazing. This is Emberlie’s story:

“I was a struggling student (as most are) getting my doctorate in chiropractic. A friend asked me if I could care for his snake while he left the country…for a year! I was resistant to taking on this living being, for fear of not being able to take good care of him. When my husband reassured me that we would do it together, I agreed. Then when the first feeding came, just as I had feared, I was on my own. Being vegetarian, I was having a hard time giving a live rat to the snake but thought about how I couldn’t let the poor thing starve, so I took a deep breath, thanked the rat for its life, and peeked through my hands to watch it all unfold. What I saw surprised me.

I personally thought it was a beautiful ritual, a natural exchange of energy in this microcosm reflecting the greater cycles of life and death. After that I fell in love with the snake, Capone, and not two weeks later met Rose Mary at an event in Santa Cruz, dancing with her snakes. She was in the process of starting a non-profit organization dedicated to the medicine of the snake. Something ancient in me remembered the sanctity of this work when I saw her that night, although I had never seen or heard of anything like it in this lifetime. I began working deeply the wisdom of the serpent, devoting a large portion of my life to the work and practicing monthly rituals with the moon to shed what no longer served me.

A few months later, we sat down to write the by-laws of the Serpent Sanctum and shortly after I was blessed with so much abundance in my life, it was hard to not see the deeper messages coming through. My first initiation came a few months later, and my psychic connection with the serpents became undeniable. This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and has brought so much of my path into illumination. The symmetries between serpent medicine and my chiropractic work are clear, with the unlocking of the spine being the key for the medicine I will be sharing in this walk on earth. I am constantly learning and growing in my process, and I am honored and humbled to offer you my truths and experiences in working with this sacred medicine.

I thank the serpent and all my teachers past, present, and future for guiding me in this way. My hope is that we can all walk our path towards enlightenment and liberation with the help of all of our guides and allies. Bless your path.”

In Service and Gratitude,

Emberlie Loveray

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