Guardians of the Serpent

The portal is open

We stand at the threshold

Receiving the truths that live beyond.


We sing to all beings passing through

The hidden questions of human hearts

So that Shadows and Light are known.


Watchful kindness and loving patience

We open to pain in order to heal

We remember the teachings and we forgive.


Our work is to soften with every rub

The pleasure in the spaciousness it brings

We are polished smooth as river stones

Shining for those with eyes to see.


We stand at the threshold

To ward the space

For the circle is sacred

And cannot be broken.

The moon of summer solstice this month casts a bright spotlight—it’s an appropriate time to evoke and honor wisdom from our Serpent spiritual teachers.

In light of the current events in our world, it is clear to us that the lessons of intensity, transformation, patience, and optimism are more important than ever before. This realization is clear for those on the path of the guardian—if we are to have a hope of evolving and aligning ourselves with the highest possible potential of our species, we have a LOT of learning to do. Thus it’s important to shed light on the fact that the Serpent (often known as a symbol of temptation) is also the Guardian of Knowledge.

But in order to receive this knowledge, we must learn to know ourselves as Serpents know us. We must learn to listen, with patient stillness and unbending discipline. To recognize moments of striking clarity. To deepen our awareness, observing carefully through all our senses—because only through this profound awakening to the present moment in all its intensity can we awaken into conscious humanity.

If we do not learn these lessons, our species is likely to become ever more alienated from the very source of life on Earth, dooming us to destruction.

When we do learn these lessons, we become able to participate in life with with greater pleasure—living and sharing the earth with generosity instead of greed. It is possible for us to discover our place in the natural order of things.

Perhaps this is why we fear them so—of all creatures, the Snake invites us to consider what we KNOW to be TRUE, in spite of any illusions or murky promises we may have accepted. They tend strike towards the head of the thing.

When we come face to face with the Serpent, all false beliefs are immediately brought to the surface.

When this happens, we have a choice. We can drown in fear, guilt, and blame of self or others. Or, we can unlock the barriers which keep us from thriving, birthing into the world the gift of our full empowered selves.

The serpents and kundalini teachers remind us that while the root chakra is ruled by generosity and blocked by fear and thought-forms of scarcity, the sacral chakra is freed by pleasure and blocked by guilt and shame. What do you blame yourself for? How does the Serpent bring guilt to light for you?

We invite you to join us in receiving the blessing of the Serpent, using truth to release all blame and guilt you carry.  Accept the reality that these things happened, and they are in the past. Do not let them cloud and poison your energy or your feelings any longer. If you are to be a positive influence in the world, you must learn to forgive yourself, and to forgive others. If you do not, resentment and self-loathing will wrap you in their coils forever.

The Serpents teach us that we can release these feelings and be born anew—free to step in a better life with pleasure and gratitude. We hope you’ll join us in gratitude—and remember to thank them for teaching us that there can be joy and pleasure in all acts of service that promote life and wellness for Earth and all her creations.





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