From the Sourceress Herself

My name is Rose Mary, and I CHOOSE TO CLAIM MY POWER.

I choose this path because I am a powerful being.

I choose to use my power for the highest good

and I refuse to let my power be used for ill through complacency.

I’m tired of suffering,
I’m tired of causing pain,
I’m tired of being used,
and I’m tired of living someone else’s dream.

From this perspective, I see how I chose to be born into poverty, struggle and deep ancestral wounds from both sides of my lineage.  I see how this wounding brought me to the depths of addiction, depravity, isolation and sexual trauma.

I was ready to die, yet wasn’t allowed—and have been sent back thrice.
Yet from that space of rock bottom, I was able to find out who I really am and what energy I choose to express.

Spirit came to me in the form of the Mother Goddess and I made the choice to serve Her.
It’s taken me a long time to come into alignment with what I put in my body, the people I associate with, and monitoring my thoughts and words. After nearly a decade of healing from trauma through self development, service to Spirit, and connection to Spirit through the Serpent,
I feel whole, complete and strong through embodiment of the Wounded Healer Archetype.


I’m ready to serve my life purpose,

I’m ready to serve humbly,

And I’m ready to shine.

I’m ready to continue learning how to do so with respect, discernment, ease and grace.

I feel that my learning process process has given me special gifts which enable me to help others through their suffering—not only to a space of not hurting, but to deepening connection to the natural world and rhythms, and wildly elevating pleasure and happiness.

If you would like a taste of the Serpent Medicine, please join me for a special weekend retreat, of serpent connection, ritual, and learning. Contact us though our website or Facebook if your heart KNOWS this is for you.

With ssssso much Love,

Rose Mary

Founder, President, and Sourceress at Serpent Sanctum

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