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The Serpents that Move the Earth

Just as humans have chakras, nadis, meridians, and pressure points so does the Earth. We instead call them ley lines, grids, vortices, and sacred sites. But perhaps most mysterious and spectacular of all, is Gaia’s own Kundalini system. Yes–this planet and it’s sentient body of consciousness also has the coiled serpent power moving through her. […]

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Ouroboros: The Infinite Serpent

Serpents have fascinated us for millenia, and have helped us to connect with worlds beyond imagination, and even to imagine the world before Creation itself. Long before Christ was born, humans recognized the power of serpents and honored them as wisdomkeepers—teachers of visionary awareness, oracles of transformation, guardians of abundance & fertility, and masters of […]

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Lunar New Year + Eclipse Wisdom

There are some moments that carry great weight throughout the fabric of time-space. When potent bodies align, new energy is easily available to be transmuted, reconfiguration occurs, and portals open for new acts of creation. These spaces invite us in—sometimes sweetly, other times through states of desperate necessity—but always with an invitation into greater awareness […]

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