• Corinne Bridgit

    Corinne Bridgit is a dynamic healer of the physical body vessel with a special gift for supporting the shedding of what our bodies no longer need. Corinne Bridgit’s healing journey began when she received a series of Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions for chronic digestive issues. From 2012 to 2014, she trained & worked at the Aqua Body Cleansing Center guiding over 300 clients through colon hydrotherapy and detoxification to revitalize & restore digestive function, deepening her gift for knowing which methods deplete and energize! Increasingly, Corinne Bridget uses Nutritional Cleansing to focus incorporate digestive wellness into daily life, offering guided simple 10 Day Transformation Cleanses individually and seasonal group cleanses. She specializes in working with those who think they are too busy to eat healthy & get daily core nutrition. Her life’s work & karmic service to the world is to educate and provide access to alternative healing.

  • Rose Mary

    Rose Mary is President and Founder of Serpent Sanctum. Her vision brought together the amazing group of serpents, women and supporters. She offers healing sessions with the serpents, shedding what no longer serves, transforming and transmuting the old, realigning the chakras and activating the kundalini. She is a certified Theta II practitioner, has studied tantric shamanism, and is a licensed priestess recognized by the State of California.

  • Summer Savage

    Summer has a gift for reuniting aspects of our bodies, minds, and Spirit. She is a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and completed her training with Mark Stephens. Summer's healing yoga practice combines mindful movement & breath with meditation & energetic guidance to assist those who are struggling with mental and spiritual injuries, as well as physical ones! She has worked as a clinical counselor supporting survivors of trauma, addiction, chronic pain, depression & anxiety in their healing process and completed her B.A. at Vassar College studying Dreamwork and Core Shamanism. Like the serpents who dance to transform and shed their limitations, Summer helps those in pain to sense and release old traumas and patterns that haunt our spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies. She teaches at Divinitree Art & Yoga Studio and offers private yoga lessons.