• Rose Mary Amaru

    Rose Mary is President and Founder of Serpent Sanctum. Her vision brought together the amazing group of serpents, women and supporters. She offers healing sessions with the serpents, shedding what no longer serves, transforming and transmuting the old, realigning the chakras and activating the kundalini. She is a certified Theta II practitioner, has studied tantric shamanism, and is a licensed priestess recognized by the State of California.

  • Summer Savage

    Summer has a gift for reuniting body, mind, and Spirit through loving presence. She is a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and uses embodied energy and shamanic ritual to guide those struggling with mental, physical, & spiritual injuries to reclaim their natural gifts. Like the serpents who dance to transform and shed their limitations, Summer helps those in pain to sense and move through old traumas that no longer serve their fullest joy. She serves as a clinical counselor in San Francisco and as Treasurer of Serpent Sanctum. Summer also delights in sharing transformational workshops and private yoga throughout the Bay Area.