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New Skin

It’s summer at last, and the sunshine invites us all to spend more time outdoors. This is a time for discovering the beautiful lands in which we live and for deepening our connection to Nature’ cycles, taking place around us and INSIDE us all the time. You may even be feeling a new lightness, a fresh […]

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Serpent Medicine: Sacred Opposites

Healer and dealer of death. Guide in transformation and symbol of the eternal cycles of life.  Temptation and enlightnement. Stillness and mobility. It’s easy to become confused by the many and sometimes conflicting aspects of serpent symbolism. While some see these complex meanings as lack of clarity or mixed messaging, there is a way to dream […]

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The Love of Lady D

There once was a beautiful beloved snake called Devaksha. We all lovingly refer to her as Lady D. Shiva is an amorous, adventurous snake. In the heat of the summer of 2015 they came together in sacred union. The fruit of their intertwining hatched on October 27th 2015. Eight lovely, wiggly cute perfect little baby […]

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