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All Snakes’ Day: The Hidden History of St. Patrick

St. Patrick is perhaps the most well-known Catholic saint in human history. He is celebrated internationally in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Britain, and of course, Ireland, where he has been honored as the patron saint of the country for centuries. Among the many miracles he supposedly performed, Patrick is said to have driven all […]

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Into the Dark

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the time of deepening darkness is full upon us. For many people, the shorter days and long cold nights of winter bring struggle and resistance as we seek to maintain our busy lives as workers, parents, students, friends, creative beings, and partners. We mourn the loss of […]

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From the Sourceress Herself

My name is Rose Mary, and I CHOOSE TO CLAIM MY POWER. I choose this path because I am a powerful being. I choose to use my power for the highest good and I refuse to let my power be used for ill through complacency. I’m tired of suffering, I’m tired of causing pain, I’m […]

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