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Serpent Moon

Serpent Sanctum has always carried a mission of offering the healing medicine of Serpent Energy to women everywhere, supporting divine sisterhood, feminine leadership, and creative empowerment. We are delighted and honored to be dancing forward into the activation of this vision, joining Aya Iwasaki, of AyaPapaya and facilitator of Ancient Voices and Prayers of the Womb […]

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Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Night

The summer solstice—the longest day and shortest night of the year—marks the beginning of summer and the full blossoming of bountiful energy and abundance. This season is often understood as a time of masculine energy–shining forth and projecting brilliance, youthful vigor, green growing gardens, and abundant light, heat, and activity. Yet it is important to […]

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New Skin

It’s summer at last, and the sunshine invites us all to spend more time outdoors. This is a time for discovering the beautiful lands in which we live and for deepening our connection to Nature’ cycles, taking place around us and INSIDE us all the time. You may even be feeling a new lightness, a fresh […]

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