The Serpent has long been a symbol of the Goddess, feminine power and awakened kundalini energy whose expression rebalances our collective psyche. Serpent Sanctum believes that interaction with the serpent touches people on an emotional level, triggering the subconscious to review its patterns and bringing people into abrupt presence. We weave together sacred serpent medicine with dance, ritual, and music to create a modern incarnation of an ancient healing art form. Incorporating traditional devotional technique with mythological and archetypal symbolism, the dancers move with sacred sensuality embodying the Serpent’s powerful symbolism of transformation, fertility, healing, and unconditional loveSerpent Sanctum has offered prayer and performance with artists such as Shaman’s Dream, Ixchel Prisma, Drumspyder, Desert Dwellers, SaQi, Random Rab, Dirtwire, ALIA, feral fauna, Thriftworks, Dimond Saints, Kaminanda, Maesyn, Amadora, Liquid Love Drops, and many more.

We are also honored and delighted to serve the public through our Red Temple, a sacred temple space where workshops and healing can take place for all in the presence of the Serpent. Tea, conversation, and serpent healing are offered directly in presence with the Serpents themselves, while the temple provides a sacred container for cacao, hapé, serpent moon wisdom, and tantric ceremonies. Nestled in the heart of our Sanctum, the Red Temple offers a break from the rush and rumble of modern life, inviting visitors to enter a lush and refreshing repose to be reminded of their inner god or goddess.

Serpent Sanctum is a 501(c) nonprofit facilitating empowerment, healing, and the arts through sacred serpent wisdom.

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